Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review





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This model is strong, silent and easier on the environment. The Electrolux ultra silencer has an high efficiency motor and only 60 DBA noise output.

This canister is produced with 55-percent of plastic from recycled materials and 80-percent of the packaging is from recycled unbleached cardboard.

For above-floor cleaning, the vacuum provides an array of on-board attachments including a telescopic tube, a hose and hose handle, a crevice tool, and a combination nozzle/brush for curtains, bookshelves, frames, and more. Accessory tools are included for versatile cleaning.

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Combining an eco-friendly design with user-friendly features, this canister vacuum cleaner makes it easy to keep the home clean, from top to bottom. The portable unit maneuvers smoothly from room to room on two large wheels, and it transitions effortlessly from carpets and rugs to bare-floor surfaces like tile, linoleum, or hard wood.

Here are some great features of the Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Electrolux EL6984A UltraSilencer Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

Having run this unit through its paces several times now, I can say that it lives up to our expectations and needs extremely well! We like the bag approach as well as the HEPA filter.

This little “egg” works just fine and efficiently picks up dust, hair, pet dander, etc. We didn’t actually try it out at the stores, but checked the features, build quality and sturdiness.
All seemed good, and we ordered one.
(F. Dumanoir)

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This Electrolux was designed to be used on solid floors and area rugs. It is very quiet, significant suction. It works under cabinets, beds, chairs, flat up against the side of the wall without scratching.

The variable noise control is a great idea around little animals. This is an excellent vacuum, especially for small apartments & small houses.