Which is Best: Hoover or Dyson Vacuum Cleaners?

Both Hoover and Dyson are great Vacuum cleaning brands, their products are always top of the line. For this very reason is why many people have tremendous difficulty picking a vacuum cleaner. This article will help you pick between a Hoover vacuum cleaner or a Dyson Vacuum cleaner. In order to do this, we need to learn about both vacuum cleaners.

But before you choose a Vacuum, you need to learn the importance of choosing a vacuum. Different vacuums have certain suction power, without a powerful vacuum, your carpeted area that has thick fibers could remain dirty. Also, you need to acknowledge how fast you want to clean, vacuums with poor filtration would take a lot of cleaning, while vacuums with good filtration won’t.


The Dyson is a new age vacuum cleaner that features a giant yellow ball in the head of the cleaner rather than the standard four wheels. This ball has large ridges so it can maintain it’s balance and increase mobility. The Dyson vacuum cleaner has an excellent filtration system that traps tons of objects. The Dyson does pick up it’s fair share of dirt, more so than your average vacuum cleaner.

It  is equipped with an expandable handle that can reach all the way out to seventeen feet, which is pretty impressive. The downfall is the fact that it doesn’t have as much sucking power as a Hoover. Not to mention sometimes the ball is difficult to control fully.


The Hoover doesn’t use a giant yellow ball as a gimmick, it makes use of the standardized four wheels. Though it doesn’t look fancy, it’s still extremely mobile on the carpet and doesn’t require a lot of pushing. The Hoover also incorporates an excellent filtration system that blocks more germs than the Dyson does, and it’s easier to find because it looks more like a normal Vacuum.

Also, the Hoover picks up a lot more dirt than the Dyson can, because it has more power. Overall, Hoover is a much better type of vacuum cleaner, even though it doesn’t have a seventeen foot handle.

Overall Impressions

Both the Hoover and the Dyson are excellent vacuum cleaners, but there has to be a winner. It’s a hard choice to make considering they both will get the job done fine, so It comes down to what features you prefer. For me, the yellow ball is goofy and impractical, also it’s not as efficient as the Hoover. So, obviously, my choice is the Hoover vacuum cleaner.

I hope this article helped you decide between what type of vacuum cleaner you’re going to get. Even though Dyson didn’t succeed the Hoover in my mind, you can still try them both out yourself. But, I still recommend the Hoover, as it cleans better and is a lot cheaper. Happy cleaning!