SC3683A Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review





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SC3683A Commercial Canister Vacuum CleanerThis is a great little vacuum for the price. It can REALLY suck. We use it mostly on hardwoods and it picks up all the dog hair and dirt from the kids. With the HEPA filter, it appears we have fewer dust motes dancing in the sun beams, as well. Unlike the Hoover it deposed, this canister doesn’t chew belts faster than teens chew gum.

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This small vacuum packs a lot of suction and with the telescoping wand, it’s a great idea! You just pull or push on the handle while holding the locking mechanism and voila!

Also, changing out the filter and bagsis a snap! This vacuum only weighs 10 lbs. so it’s easy to carry and comes with a handy shoulder strap. It could be a little quieter, but it’s not much worse than the vacuum I use in my home.

Here are some great features of the SC3683A Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the SC3683A Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

This vacuum was one of the first purchases we made when we started our janitorial company three years ago. It has been money well spent! I only gave it 4 stars because there are 2 things that I would have changed on the design and they are really more annoyances than defects. The first one is I would add an automatic winding reel for the cord.

It’s a real pain to have to wind it up after each use to transport. The other thing I’d change is on the floor tool. We use it a lot on bare floors. Another model we have has 2 small wheels on the bottom of the floor tool that helps it ride more smoothly on the surface.
(D. Heck)

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It has the HEPA filtration of my too-heavy Eureka Wind-Tunnel upright and the Power Paw attachment for extra suction that is as good or better than our 2 yr old Rainbow for removing pet hairs from the carpet. If you thought a bagless vacuum was the way to go, think again! SOMEONE has to empty and clean that cupful of “whatevers,” eventually.